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The Document Agility Platform

Document Agility is the first and only cloud-based platform for interactive guided collaboration. Our proprietary, rules-based, guided collaboration technology eliminates the need for subject matter experts to interpret unstructured data in spreadsheets, emails, and messages. This approach prevents errors caused by missing data and unknown interdependencies and will transform document creation and ensure customer success.

Document Agility digitally transforms complex document processes from start-to-finish – capturing information, generating documents, sending notifications, controlling process flows, and integrating to other systems.
Dynamic Data Collection Using Intelligent Workflow-Driven Forms
Document Agility is the only forms creation tool that is fully workflow-driven. It combines the sophistication of a document automation solution with the ability to dynamically distribute forms across multiple parties within or outside of your organization.
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Robust Document and PDF Template Creation and Automation
With Document Agility, the generation of complex documents and PDFs is completely automated using a sophisticated, cloud-based, logic-driven authoring tool. This eliminates the risk of errors and lets you efficiently create templates without desktop-installed word processors and PDF programs.
Visual Workflow Process Design
Beyond the standard routing and approval capabilities of traditional workflow solutions, Document Agility offers unique functionality that gives you customizable control of the full document creation process – data collection, document generation, review and approval, e-signature, notifications, reporting, and system integration – conditionally based on transaction data.
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Customized Workflow-Driven Email and Text Notifications
Document Agility enhances the document creation process with workflow-controlled email and text notifications that can be fully customized based on the system’s intelligent forms data.
Robust Business Intelligence and Analytics on Data and Process
While other solutions let you analyze only data extracted from unstructured documents, Document Agility provides the most accurate analysis by allowing you to report against the source data used to create of documents and forms.
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Integration to Connect Documents and Data with Other Business Systems
Document Agility lets you integrate data and documents into your other business software to eliminate re-keying of mission-critical data.




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