Transform the Creation of your

Transactional Legal Documents

Document-driven business processes

demand accurate documents.

Create transactional documents

faster and more accurately using

Rules-Based Document Creation.

Are you facing these contract creation challenges?


Document creation takes too long

Transactions and the revenue they represent are delayed by lengthy, inefficient document creation.

Multiple teams are involved in document creation, and getting accurate input and ensuring version control is a challenge. 

Disorganized collaboration 

Unsure of document accuracy 

Documents contain conplex language and construction. Achieving language accuracy is a challenge. 

Manual creation processes, multiple review stages, and time spent fixing document errors drives up creation costs.

Process is too costly

No visibility into creation process

Manual creation processes offer limited insight into the status of documents and which groups are working on them. 


Frustrated using "canned" or built-in document creation modules that allow little or no customizing of document wording.


No document flexibility

Access all business information used to create documents using a built-in dashboarding and integrate data with other business systems.


Quickly, consistently and accurately create the precise documentation for any transaction directly from the business information collected.


Users work independently or in teams to capture transaction information using customized, intelligent interviews and flexible workflows.


Using HotDocs, the leading document automation technology, capture the logic behind the creation of your documents to create online interviews and rules templates.


Turn your Documents into Interviews and Rules Templates

Transform the creation of your

transactional legal documents

Use Interviews to Capture Transaction


Generate Documents Directly from

Transaction Information

Access the
 in your Created Documents





Collaborative Rules-Based Document Creation

Find out how Document Agility empowers teams to create complex documents together. 

Document Agility Overview


Enterprise Document Creation


Transform document creation

through shared data collection

rather than shared text editing

In today's mobile workplace creating complex documents for business processes requires collaboration among multiple teams. Learn why teams should not create complex documents by collaborating on text editing. Discover how collaborative information collection can optimize your document process, dramatically improve accuracy, and double the speed of your document creation process.

Trusted Rules-Based Document Creation

Organizations in a variety of industries leverage Document Agility in their document creation processes.

Senior Living

Financial Services


In-house Legal


Retirement Plan Services

The key to faster document creation is collaborating on collecting information not on editing text.

Share the creation workload

Far more staff can collect transaction data than can write the required legal language. Give customer-facing staff customized interviews to collect information and let rules turn their data into document language. Now your document drafters are far more effective.


Collaborating on information collection provides high quality data through the process - data that can be used to control process flow. Route interviews to appropriate staff based on piece of information captured through interviews.


Teams see their own custom interviews with questions they are qualified to answer. Interviews and questions intelligently adapt as users answer them and ensure accurate data that follows your organization's best practices and requirements.  




Let data control process flow

Documents are created directly from transaction information, which can be access using a built-in reporting module or your own BI tools.

Get insights from your documents 

A single system for capturing transaciton data and creating documents unifies the efforts of all teams and provides full visibility into the document creation process.

Know what's going on

Stop Flying Blind.

Get complete visibility into the process

of creating documents and the information within them.

Integrate any element of document information or process flow information with your organization's other business systems using our APIs. 

Connect documents to other systems