Fast, Accurate

Document Creation for

Senior Living Providers

Create Residency Agreements

and other admissions documents

using rules-based

document automation.

Cut the time it takes

to create documents

in half and never worry

about accuracy and

compliance again.

Are you facing these Residency Agreement challenges?


Creation takes too long

The resident admissions process and the revenue it represents are delayed by lengthy, inefficient document creation.

Perhaps facility staff collaborate with legal staff to create and approve agreements. Ensuring the use of correct agreements and wording is a challenge. 

Disorganized collaboration 

Not sure they're accurate and compliant

You may be creating agreements for multiple facility types and service levels within multiple states. Feeling confident about document accuracy is a challenge. 

Manual word processing, manual reviewing, and time spent fixing errors drives up the cost of creating agreements.

Process is too costly

Can't see who's working on what

Manual creation processes offer limited insight into the status of documents and which groups are working on them. 


Frustrated using "canned" or built-in document creation modules that allow little or no customizing of document wording.


Current agreements aren't flexible

Senior Living Industry


Rules-Based Document Creation

for the Senior Living Industry

Find out more about what rules-based document creation can do to speed up your creation of Residency Agreements, other admissions documentation, and other documents such as vendor agreements.

Access all business information used to create agreements using a built-in dashboarding and integrate data with other business systems.


Quickly, consistently and accurately create the precise documentation for any residency transaction directly from the information collected.


Users work independently or in teams to capture transaction information using customized, intelligent interviews and flexible workflows.


Using HotDocs, the leading document automation technology, capture the logic behind the creation of your Agreements to create online interviews and rules templates.


Turn your Agreements into Interviews and Rules Templates

Transform the creation of your

Residency Agreements and any other 

legal documents you create

Use Interviews to Capture Admissions


Generate Documents Directly from

Resident Information

Access the
 in your Created Agreements





Automate the Creation of a Variety of Documents

Automate the creation of admissions documentation, vendor agreements or any other documents.

Residency Agreements


Negotiated Risk Agreements

Uniform Disclosure Statements

Resident Handbooks

Vendor Agreements

Use your own document content, work with our partners to create custom content, or use our ready-made content.

Use your Own Content

You may have invested significant time and money into creating your own agreements. Great. We can automation the creation of your custom agreements regardless of complexity. Now creating them accurately can be as easy as completing online interviews.


You may have limited legal resources and want immediate access to high quality document content that is already automated for quick accurate creation.

You may have your own agreements, but want an experienced eye to review and update them for the latest regulations and best practices. Work with one of our content partners to review, edit or create documents that can then be automated.


Create Custom Content 

Use our

Ready-Made Content

Documents are created directly from transaction information, which can be access using a built-in dashboarding module or your own reporting tools.

Get insights from your agreements 

Creating your agreements using rules-based creation can unify the efforts of your facilities and legal staff and provide full visibility into your document process - what's in the pipeline, statuses of documents in progress and who's working on what.

Know what's going on

Stop Flying Blind

Get complete visibility into the process

of creating agreements and the information within them.

Integrate any element of document information or process flow information with your organization's other business systems - such as care management or document manage systems. 

Connect documents to other systems 

*available in certain states.