Solutions for licensing, procurement, IP, student documentation and more 

Universities and other educational organizations can automate the production of procurement contracts, applications, and other documents their businesses require.

Banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms can automate the production of commercial lending agreements, policy documents and participant booklets, and any other documents required within their various product lines.

Solutions for banking, insurance, brokerage and more

Financial Services

In-house legal teams can automate the production of general legal agreements - such as NDAs and license agreements, procurement contracts, or any types of business line documents. Empower self-serve document creation by business unit staff using templates maintained by legal to enable rapid creation while ensuring accurate and compliance.

In-house Legal

Solutions for non-compete, licensing, procurement and more

Solutions for qualified plans, specialty plans, ancillary documents and more

Retirement Plan Services

Financial institutions, consultants and brokers in the Retirement Plan Services industry select from a wide variety of pre-approved, automated content for qualified and non-qualified pension plans. Firms can also automate their production of the often-complex ancillary documents that accompany retirement plan onboarding or automate custom versions of retirement plan documents.

Long-term care providers - such as assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care providers - can automate their production of residency agreements and other admissions process documents, and vendor contracts as well. Larger providers can empower self-serve creation by facilities staff using templates maintained by legal to enable rapid and compliant document production at the facilities. 

Solutions for residency and related agreements, vendor contracts and more

Solutions for procurement, service agreements and more


Water, power and other utilities can automate the production of goods and services contracts, consulting agreements, statements of work, and other documents their businesses require.