Document Creation

Fast and accurate rules-based document creation

Industry-leading HotDocs assembly engine for robust, scalable document generation. Model any level of  complexity of document language to assembly content from any subject area.

Robust Document Assembly Engine

Intelligent interviews not only collect transaction information, they directly feed the document generation engine for seamless and accurate creation of documents directly from collected information.

Interviews Linked Directly to the Document Assembly Engine

Rules not only select the appropriate documents language, but also select the appropriate documents, forms and addenda, etc. to memorialize each specific case based on business information collected.

Intelligent Document Packages

Compare text changes between versions for each document within a document package using built-in, industry-standard Word track-changes functionality.

Redline Text Comparison

Mark document packages as Finalized, such that any new information entered into an interview will create a new version. View prior versions of each document in a document package.

Transaction and Document Versioning

Define certain questions as required to prevent document generation if the required information is missing. Unanswered questions are displayed when users attemp to create documents and are highlighted when the interview is accessed again.

Unanswered Question Indicators