Content Deployment

Create and configure interviews and rules templates

Industry-leading HotDocs template and interview development software is powerful enough to automate even the most complex documents from any subject area, but is also easy to learn and use.

Powerful Content Development Tools

Group combinations of granular user permissions into roles to control users' access to a wide variety of system features.

Custom User Roles

Create user groups for each team that has a role in creating transactions. Give each group unique document creation and viewing rights.

Role-Based Document Creation & Viewing

Easily publish interviews to the system. And as questions change to reflect new regulations and business practices, you can easily upload new interview versions to the system.

Interview Versioning

Easily publish templates to the system. And since document language is continuously changing to reflect new regulations and business practices, you can easilty upload new versions of templates as you modify their langauge and rules.

Template Versioning

Give each user group a custom interview that fits its role in the creation of a given type of document package.

Role-Based Interview Access