Organized team-based document creation

Users log in to their own workspace showing their own in-progress transactions and recently finalized transactions.

Role-Based Workspaces

Team members take & release transactions to prevent two users from making conflicting simultaneous changes to the same transaction.

Take & Release of Transactions

Create notes within transactions to communicate among team members working on the same transaction.

Transaction Notes

Although Document Agility is designed to be a document creation system, it does provide a foldering system for created transactions with the ability to control access rights.

Transaction Foldering System

Negotiate documents during creation by sharing document versions with external users and tracking manual text changes between versions.

Manual Text Edit Tracking

Upload ancillary files to become part of a transaction along with system-generated documents.

Transaction Ancillary Files

Share completed documents with clients or other stakeholders in their own system workspace.

Document Collaboration with Clients

Invite clients or other stakeholders to contribute transaction data using custom interviews. Monitor whether interviews have been accessed and completed.

Interview Collaboration with Clients

Find transactions using a variety of precise filters.

Transaction Search