Intelligent Interviews

Robust tools to capture transaction information

Industry-leading HotDocs template and interview development software uses drag-and-drop tools to create interviews. You can also incorporate a powerful built-in scripting language for precise control of question wording and help resources.

Create Online Interviews without Web Coding

Far beyond traditional "skip logic" - create computations using powerful boolean logic to control question order, skipped or presented questions, question range restrictions, dropdown choices and more.

Sophisticated Conditional Logic

Intelligent interviews render beautifully on mobile devices with full functionity.

Mobile Friendly

Complete history tracking of all information collection performed on the system - including tracking of each answer that was entered, edited, or deleted through interviews.

Answer History Tracking

Make interviews more organized and easier to complete by breaking them into dialogues that display in an outline to show progress through the interview.

Interview Outlines

While accessing an interview, users can complete some of their questions and return later to finish their work. A progress bar shows how close they are to completing the interview.

Save & Return Later

Auto-save feature preserves interview data in the event of a loss of Internet connection.

Auto-Save of Answers

Import or validate data from your organization's databases or applications in real-time while using interviews.

Interview Data Import

Start an interview from scratch, use pre-set defaults for your organizatioon, or use another transaction's data as your base.

Interview Pre-Fill Options