Your customized document creation process.

Faster, more accurate and more visible.

Collaborative document creation tools that will
increase the speed and accuracy of any document process.

Out-of-the-box, without the time and cost to build them.

Features that Organize your Document Creation Process.

Capture the construction logic of even the most complex documents using industry-leading HotDocs template development tools.

Robust Template Development Tools

Versioning & Change Tracking

Teams collect business information according to their role in the process using custom interviews. The information they collect is used to automatically create documentation.

Data Collection Interviews & Workflow

Document & Data Export

Export created documents to external systems or a customer's workspace. Export any item of collected information to other business systems to eliminate redundant data entry.

Create custom reports and dashboards to provide insights into your document creation process and gain actionable knowledge from the information used to create documents.

Built-in Dashboards & Reporting 

Rules-Based Document Creation

Business rules select the right document language, include appropriate documents, forms and addenda in document packages, and control creation and approval process flow based on the informaiton collected.

Track all document creation history. Create versions of documents and track information and text changes between versions. Track manual text edits made outside the system.

Give your teams the tools they need to information for even the most complex business processes. Powerful, mobile-ready interviews, based on Industry-leading HotDocs tools, offer built-in scripting and logic to control question order, question wording, and question options and restrictions.


Robust, Flexible Interviews for Data Collection

Introducing the first workflow engine

designed for the document creation process.

Define Events and Trigger Actions 

Built-in document workflow engine allows modeling any document creation process by defining process events and triggering one or more actions when they occur. Use workflow to assign transactions, send notifications, change statuses, change viewing or creations rights, etc.


Role-Based Interviews and Document Assembly

Set up custom interviews for each team to reflect their specific role in each business process. Teams see just the questions they are qualified to answer at the appropiate time during the creation process. Restrict choices to reflect your business requirements and best practices.


Process flow engine allows triggering actions based on business information collected through interview questions. Trigger different routing, approvals and notifications based on any factor, such as transaction size, deal location, etc..


Data-Driven Creation and Approval Processes


Document Creation.

Industry-leading HotDocs assembly engine for robust, scalable document generation.

Robust Document Generation Engine 

Information collection interviews are linked directly to the document generation engine for seamless creation of documents directly from collected business information.

Information Collection Linked Directly to Document Creation 

Intelligent Document Packages 

Rules not only select the appropriate document language, they also select the required documents, forms, addenda, etc. to include in each specific case based on information collected.

Your Document Creation Process Flow 

Use our powerful, built-in document creation process flow engine to model your ideal document creation process - including collaboration between internal teams and external parties - for information collection, document creation, and approvals.

Your Document Language - Not Ours 

We work with your document language and logic experts to automate the creation rules of your specific document langauge. Or use our pre-made content for certain document types.

Customize interviews for internal teams to collect the information they are qualified to answer. Restrict their inputs to conform to your business requirements. Gather input from clients as well and monitor their completion status during the process.

Custom Interviews for Internal Teams & Clients 

Your document process.

Your way. Your rules.

Create reports using any elements of transaction information collected within interviews. Instantly view document provision-level details across all of your customers' documents.

Document Information Reporting 

Gain full visibility into the metrics of your document creation process. Provide pre-built reports or enable ad-hoc report creation using our built-in reporting module or your own BI tools.

Document Creation Process Reporting

Unprecedented Visibility

into Data and Process.

Create flexible process flow rules to define business actions to be taken based on any information entered into the interviews. Set triggers based on information such as reaching milestone dates or entering amounts in excess of pre-set limits.

Use Transaction Data to Trigger Business Actions 

Export created documents to selected document management systems using our pre-built connectors, email them to outside parties, or share them into a customer's work space.

Export and Share Created Documents 

Data within each transaction can be published to your own dedicated data warehouse where it is available for reporting and integrating with other systems. Use our pre-built connectors to a variety of cloud-based and on premises systems, or create custom connections with our set of APIs.

Export Transaction Data 

Connect your Documents

to the rest of your Business.