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Our goal is to transform our customers' mission-critical

document creation creation processes.

Our Story

Document Agility is transforming the way organizations create complex document packages for their business processes and get actionable information from them. Our rules-based transaction processing approach allows teams to capture business information that can then be used to dynamically create the required documents and language to memorialize the correct business intent into required documents. Now more an organization’s staff can effectively participate in the document process and reduce the workload on legal and document staff.


Document Agility was founded in 2012 by the executive team that created and successfully grew a leading document automation company for the financial services industry. The founders sold the company in 2009 to focus on document creation systems for a wider variety of industries. The new technology was completed in 2011 and was immediately adopted by several large companies. Inspired by the growing demand for document creation technology, the team founded Document Agility in late 2012 to create a new workflow-enabled, collaborative information collection and document creation solution.


With the rise of secure, scalable cloud technologies, our online, enterprise-class document processing platform was built from the ground up as a hosted, software-as-a-service solution. Headquartered in Orlando Florida, Document Agility is a fast-growing document creation software provider - selling directly to large organizations as well as through partners seeking to enable self-service creation of document content for selected industries.


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